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    The implementation of standardized procedures and automation of some recurrent phases will reduce the starting timeframes of the BI projects and will allow the team to concentrate on data analysis.


    The creation of a standard and the implementation of automated tests will drastically reduce the error probability and guarantee a higher data reliability.


    The output quality and keeping delivery timeframes will always be guaranteed even when there are variations to the works in progress.


    The shared method allows our professionals to be included within a working group even after the project has started, when there is a widening of objectives or a project modification.



The phases of a Business Intelligence project will be identified with the acronym ETL, meaning ExtractionTransformation and Loading. For all BI projects, the initial data Extraction phase and the final Loading phase will always present recurrent technical issues that will normally require time and resources to be managed. Even if necessary, these two phases are only an addition to the actual process for data analysis, which constitutes the core of the Business Intelligence activity.


The SolidQ Mentors have developed a series of tools and standardised procedures, over the years, which allow the automation of the larger part of the recurrent operations thus reducing the resources and investments required to start a Business Intelligence project. In addition these tools are integrated in a methodology which also include a series of best practices and control tests that will guide the entire development process of the project by guaranteeing high quality results to the clients together with significant containment of costs. This unique and innovative approach is known as the Adaptive BI Framework and is a SolidQ global exclusivity.


SolidQ offers ConsultancyMentoring (shadowing for the company’s internal employees) and Training services to its clients. The Adaptive BI Framework method will be applied, within each aspect, for the development of Business Intelligence solutions.

Since this is a methodology that integrates a series of operational tools and verification tests, then the Adaptive BI can actually be also transmitted and learned by the IT teams working within the companies, who will be able to continue its application even after the expiry of the SolidQ intervention.

Alternatively, SolidQ can take over the development of your BI solution as a “turnkey” project, thus guaranteeing immediate delivery timeframes and a complete management satisfaction, as highlighted by different Case Studies carried out.

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"The Adaptive BI Framework is actually one of the factors that convinced us about the SolidQ diversity: it is a working method that has provided great satisfaction and has allowed us to reach tangible results within specific timeframes. I think that proposing prototypes to internal users has made the difference because it has shown, in a practical manner, how daily issues could be resolved in a simple manner."

Case Study Alfonso Liucci, Application Delivery Coordinator Randstad Italia

“The Team that participated to the lessons and has worked on the project, was composed of ten individuals and included both technical people from the IT department and managers. Through the initial training we have always been more autonomous and now we are practically proceeding on our own in widening the project. [...] It is a very efficient method that has allowed the definition of the requirements and objectives, by creating the exact solution for what we really required. It has fully satisfied us, since the first week following the course, and the programmers could start with the prototype development in full autonomy: we did not think that we would be able to become autonomously operational within such short timeframes!”

Case Study Ivan Pasquale, Manager for the Information Systems Department at the Bruno Kessler Foundation
"The Agile approach included a short initial analysis phase, carried out by a mixed working team which combined proven IT and managerial experiences, to identify the data source and basic algorithms for processing. Immediately after this phase, the Sire finally had the possibility to access a user-friendly solution from Microsoft Excel, which is able to analyse in detail every single data. The BI solution, developed interactively, was built in an organic manner following the company’s requirements. Based on the SQL Server 2012, it immediately guarantees the data usability, a higher reporting accuracy and, thanks to a continuous verification of data accuracy, an increasing quality on information over time." Davide Cappellini, COO Klinker Sire
The framework has been presented several times during international conferences and obtained sensational feedback. These are a few examples: «Very good combination of concepts and tools together. That's rare!»,  «I love the idea of creating a management framework based on rules, and naming convention, etc. Terrific!»,  «Felt as if I could go back and put a solution in place immediately». PASS Conferences 2010, 2012 and 2013



SolidQ Italia is a company based in Milan and provides Data Management services since 2007, ranging from DBA Remote to the development of complex Business Intelligence solutions. SolidQ Italia forms part of the SolidQ international network which includes more than 100 professionals having more than 1,000 clients in 30 different countries and is a global reference point for data management within Microsoft environments, being a partner with 5 Gold and 4 Silver certifications. The Italian team has worked on different Business Intelligence solutions within the logistical, cosmetic, publishing, utility, insurance and finance sectors and collaborates closely with various international projects.
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